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FOXHOUND patch from the metal gear solid games (Devon) +1
DeltaFrost3 (Hany) +1
GTA5 KSA (6hr5) +1
Logo Pitbullocogamer (pitbullocogamer) +1
RituKawai (mikin) +1
Offroad Logo that I designed and want in GTAO (Rohan) +1
mongols vespucci beach (mongolife) +1
West Crew (Baconstrips67)
1stGamingChannel (anvar.tulbaev) +2
Offroad Logo that I designed and want in GTAO (Rohan)
Logo Recreation (GoldClassGaming) +1
fazer um emblema com escrita (Luiz) +2
Grizzly Grip Bear (spit) +1
TheSpecifics (bankrollsdee) +1
Fate Stay Night (Laxus) +1
Police/SRT/ Fish and game/ Emblem for rp clan (Deadpanearth) +1
The Walking Dead (Mike) +1
Need a Emblem Logo. (Tito_Death_) +1
HotRodGarage (The Emerald Production) +1
Thug life (Sezail) +2
Need a Emblem Logo. (Tito_Death_)
XO The Weeknd (Joey) +1
crew logo (oair) +3
Nationella Insatsstyrkan (Polis), National Task Force (Police) (Wickedwrath) +1
Can someone try and make a logo for me? (Dextaa-99-)
Need help Recreating (Mauricio)
Need help Recreating (Mauricio)
Last Kings (Greg) +1
Robot Devils MC patch (Sam) +1
Emblema owsla (Gabriel) +1
Similar/same as picture - offering 5 $ (Tolben) +1
Mizukage (ThugnificentA) +1
Fuck you (Sezail) +2
girl (the_demosik) +1
please anyone can do for me a crew emblem? (Ilie) +1
JUventus (Abe) +1
https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/734174524908830720/QnfqdhJQ.jpg (Wilma) +1
eblem goat (b-rabbit) +1
Please help make a beautiful logo (Roman) +1
Hello! I want a biker patch logo since Rockstar does not allow to upload any custom patches without Rockstar's tools. (S3m1th87) +1
three green arrows (MARCOVKAZ) +4
Carros rebaixados (GAMER) +1
Knight of Khaos MC (Jose Roberto) +1
Hey Guys I want you to do my emblem better i give you 5 dollars if it looks the exact same just bigger (Flore5ntos) +1
I Need An Emblem For My Owners Club (Frozen Cereal) +1
Trenchcoat mafia (WWolf) +1
Vagos MC Logo (Ates) +1
Robot Devils MC patch (Sam)